This page provides contact details for GOT, our social media accounts and outline details and links about visiting our orchards and orchard centres.

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Contacting GOT

Ann Smith in an orchard at Breadstone, Berkeley. This fallen is still fruiting well!
Ann Smith in an orchard at Breadstone, Berkeley, next to a fallen tree that is still fruiting well!

General enquiries can be sent direct to us via the form below, or email or post (all details below the form)

Before enquiring please check whether your query is already covered by information on our websites:

– For membership information please visit our Membership page

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– For Varieties information please visit our Varieties website

– For Orchard Advice and Local Orchards please visit our Advice website

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Direct contact information:

Gloucestershire Orchard Trust
Hartpury Orchard Centre
Blackwells End
GL19 3DB

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GOT on social media

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Visiting our orchards and orchard centres :

GOT is involved in many orchards and orchard projects around the county, but three sites are worth a special mention – Our own orchards at Longney, the Orchard Centre at Hartpury and the Orchard & Rural Skills Centre at Brookthorpe.

For further information on each of these please follow the links below:

  • Our own orchards at Longney
    Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, after a year of fund-raising and negotiations, became the owner, in 2015, of nearly 18 acres of Severnside land, most of which contained either extant or remnant old orchards. We are very grateful for the generous donations from so many people towards the purchase of these very special orchards. They are in the parish of Longney, 6 miles south of Gloucester. For more information visit our Longney page here. Visitors are welcome – the Severn Way and other public footpaths run through the site.
  • The Orchard Centre at Hartpury
    The Orchard Centre at Hartpury is set in the midst of the National Perry Pear Collection, with over 100 varieties of Perry Pear.  The oak framed Centre building provides information and is a unique specialist centre for training in the production of cider, perry, juice and orchard fruit-based products. The Centre and the Perry Pear Collection are owned and managed by the Hartpury Heritage Trust. For more details visit our Hartpury page. Visitors are welcome at any time.
  • The Orchard & Rural Skills Centre at Brookthorpe
    The Orchard & Rural Skills Centre is an initiative based in the orchards owned by Day’s Cottage Apple Juice at Brookthorpe, just south of Gloucester. The Centre began in 2009 when GOT received a grant from the Gloucestershire Environment Trust to establish an Orchard Skills Centre: an outdoor centre for running workshops on all aspects of orchard management and other rural skills. For more information visit our summary page here or go direct to Day’s Cottage website here. Please note that the Centre is not open for casual visitors, please only visit by arrangement or at events or courses.