Advice and Local Orchards

This is part of the GOT website – intended to give advice, or links to sources of advice, plus detailing local orchards and orchard groups within our area.

The scope and structure of this part of the site is being reviewed – much of the material is from our old website and needs to be updated.

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Advice sections of the old site covered, in varying levels of detail:

  • Assessment
  • Pests & Diseases
  • Tree Renovation
  • New Orchards
  • Pruning
  • Picking & Storing
  • Technical Information Notes
  • Wildlife & Biodiversity
  • School orchards
  • Grants

The Local Orchards section of the old site provided:

Information on local orchards in the county, in particular a descriptive list of Local and Community Orchards in Gloucestershire.  The old list, still in need of updating, can be read here.