This is the News page of our new website

It will a have general introduction to all recent news, with links to detailed news and announcements in the News Blog, alongside linked announcements in Facebook, Twitter etc

You can visit the News Blog by clicking here.

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Editing notes: Site structure and people roles need to be reviewed for this. The intention is that old news, from the old site, will be added to the blog as backdated news (e.g see the Trust Juice announcement copied over as an example, all other 'old' news will pre-date this so will be below it in any listings)

AGM 2017

Our 2017 AGM was held on 29th April at The Anchor Inn, Epney, followed afterwards witha walkabout around Longney Orchards.

You can read a brief report on the Blog here

Blossom Time 2017

Springtime is the time to visit orchards for blossom

We’ve had a splendid display of blossom in our perry trees and perry orchards in the last few weeks, but the pear blossom is almost over. There are some pictures on our News Blog here.

The Perry blossom may be nearly gone but the Apple Blossom is just beginning – there are a few early-season pictures on the News Blog here.

For details of blossom time events in local orchards click here.

Website News April 2017

This will be the new website for the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (GOT).  It is under construction at present – our existing website at is the place to find information until this site is complete.

Feel free to explore the structure, but please note that the content is not yet complete and there are editing notes on most pages. And there are not many pictures yet – but there will be many more soon.

We hope to have the new site up and running fairly well in time for our AGM on 29 April 2017. The aim is to split the current site into several sections, this main site describing GOT and what it does, with news, information on events and how to get involved.  We hope to build much stronger social media links as part of this.

Specialist websites

The sections in our current website on Fruit Varieties, Local Orchards and Orchard Advice will be rebuilt as subsites alongside the main site – these are also being built at present and available via the links below.  Note that these sites will take longer to build, so may not be ready before the end of April: