Gloucestershire Orchard Trust Mission Statement 2017

Our vision is to establish sustainable ways to restore, maintain and celebrate the rich cultural, genetic, ecological, heritage and landscape values of traditional orchards within the county and enable them to flourish into the distant future.

To achieve this aim the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust will:

  • Attract and encourage a vibrant membership to enjoy traditional orchards and their unique character.
  • Acquire and/or manage traditional orchards to help achieve our Vision.
  • Encourage school and other youth organisations to visit traditional orchards and to participate in orchard management events and activities.
  • Plant and maintain traditional orchards to provide a genetic and propagation resource of local Gloucestershire and other heritage varieties of fruit.
  • Provide opportunities to encourage local communities, the membership and the public in general to be interested, participate in and enjoy the restoration, maintenance and simply the presence of traditional orchards.
  • Provide information and other resources for owners of traditional orchards in Gloucestershire to help them conserve, restore and maintain their own orchards.
  • Encourage research into the history of traditional orchards and of orchard fruit in Gloucestershire to develop comprehensive records of these items.
  • Develop and implement fundraising activities and strategies for GOT and to collaborate with other organisations and individuals to enable this vision and these objectives to be implemented.

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