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During the last year or so (2016/17) some very exciting research has been taking place nationally and locally on the DNA of our historic varieties.  GOT and HHT have been contributing samples of many of the named varieties in our local collections.  Updates and news about this work – and whether it agrees or disagrees with established thinking – will be posted here when this part of the website is updated and completed.

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Traditional Research

Members of GOT and Hartpury Heritage Trust have undertaken a huge amount of research on local fruit varieties, particaulrly apples and perry pears, over many years.  This part of the site will also provide some summaries of this work and links to where you can find out more.

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Publications about Gloucestershire Apples, Pears and Plums

The most accessible result of this work is our Apple and Pear books, both by Charles Martell.  These are available from the bookshop page of our main website. A Plum volume will be published soon.

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Archived information from our old website

Our old website included various accounts of research projects. A compilation page of these accounts is available on our archived page below: