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The many different varieties we have in the area, both modren and historic ones, are a key part of our orchards’ heritage and an essential element in their conservation. But iidentification can be challenging, only ususally possible when there are mature fruit and even then often problematic – unless you are an expert (and sometimes even then).  This part of our website will give guidance on identification techniques and processes and links to where you can find out more information.

Until this part of the website is complete the links below – to the FruitID site, the gardenappleid site and to archived information from our old website – should be helpful.

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A website at which aids the identification of apple and pear (and other tree fruits as these are added) by storing high quality standardized zoomable images. Searchable characteristics and also text provide heritage and cultivation notes. Initiated by apple identifiers in the East of England in 2009 (including Peter Laws, Bob Lever and Paul Read), the site is now live and the building of the content is an ongoing enormous journey. Contributors welcome. As more fruit is photographed and logged, identification will become more accurate. This is a community effort with expertise given and published free. Teams from several conservation/orchard groups have joined in and membership is spreading geographically. Although the public can use the website free, it is really designed for identifiers, orchardists and pomologists. There is a forum for members to provide feedback on varieties. Although cultivars are initially taken from Brogdale Horticultural Trust/National Fruit Collection, local orchard groups (including Gloucestershire Orchard Trust and the National Perry Pear Centre/Hartpury Heritage Trust) are adding to the database with their local knowledge.

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A website based on the Isle of Wight but the identification section will be of use and interest to all

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Archived information from our old website

The following links will open some information compiled from the identification pages of our old website.


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