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The fruit varieties website

This part of the GOT website is a whole website in itself, with information on Gloucestershire’s local fruit varieties, their importance and the work being done to research and conserve them….

This page will be an intro page detailing what the rest of the site contains, with links to all the other pages (also linked in the menu above). ┬áThe side-bar will be tailored to the content – at present it’s just set to a default filling.

The main pages within this part of our website will be:

Archived information from our old website:

During construction of this new site we will be adding links to archived information from our old website. Please note that this information is not optimised for tablets or phones and will display only in a basic format. Please also note that this infomation is not up-to-date and is provided here for reference only.

Each section of the site will have specific links relevant to the subject but you can access an Archive index page here.

Editing notes: Decisions are needed on how exactly to structure these variety pages - how to present the local varieties in an accessible way, without being overwhelming. And, also to avoid duplication - the NPPC centre website for example has a thorough treatment of pears - should we be repeating that here, or merely linking to it?