The Big Help Out – Coronation Volunteer Day at Longney!  8th May 2023

Our volunteering day at Longney, Monday 8th May 

As part of our informal get-together on 8th May, we’re teaming up with CPRE to help with their recently launched Hedgerow Hero project.  Hedges are the country’s largest nature reserve and  we’re going to assess the health of the hedges in and around our orchards at Longney and submit  our findings to their national database.  It’s all part of The Big Help Out

GOT Trustee David Lindgren (with GOT’s Tim Andrews of CPRE Gloucestershire) about the exciting The Big Help Out Day, a national event but here based at GOT’s Longney Orchard, just south of Gloucester. You and your families would be most welcome.


  • Arrive:  10:30 
  • Hedgerow Hero and Orchard Help Out 10:30 to 13:00 
  • Relaxation and Refreshment 13:00 onwards
For location and parking instructions click here.

First orchard is Long Tyning (long and thin) then Bollow. Also on site are Middle & Lower Orchards which have been planted up with heritage apple and plum trees of regional/national importance.

We look forward to seeing you! Any queries to David Lingren

Please note there is no vehicular access, so please park at or near the white railings on the road, being mindful of neighbours.
The track is very muddy but the orchards are lovely and a wildlife haven. No dogs please; there are sheep and please keep gates closed.

There is a barn (with interpretation signage), chairs, composting loo and running cold water. Re health and safety, there is a first aid kit in the store in the barn. The ground is uneven, there are some brambles and low hanging branches. The river Severn is fenced off.