Pruning workshop at GOT’s Longney Orchard 18th January 2023

For GOT Members only:
Orchardist Martin Hayes is running a pruning workshop at GOT’s Longney Orchard on this coming Wednesday 18th January between 10am and 3pm.
Tools will be provided, but do bring your own saws, secateurs and gloves if you can.
Please bring own refreshments and appropriate footwear and weather attire.
The track is very muddy but the orchards are lovely and we’ve been blessed with fieldfares feasting on fallen fruit.
No dogs please; there are sheep and please keep gates closed.
No vehicular access, so please park at or near the white railings on the road, being mindful of neighbours.
No charge but GOT members only – (you can join at
There is a barn (with interpretation signage), chairs, composting loo and running cold water. Have your lunch in the barn!
Martin is very knowledgeable; so much to learn/share.
He will go through health and safety with you. He is first aid trained and we have a first aid kit in the store.
The ground is uneven, there are some brambles and low hanging branches. The river Severn is fenced off.
Please leave prunings in designated piles.
If anyone is able to take a couple of photos on the day (if no one objects) for the GOT website and newsletter, please let me know, thank you!
First orchard is Long Tyning (long and thin) then Bollow. Also on site are Middle & Lower Orchards which have been planted up with heritage apple and plum trees of regional/national importance.
Please book through Martin on 07900 985679 or
and on the day please bring emergency contact details.  2022/12/21 at 12:26