It's Spring! Perry Pears in bloom. Picture from Mary Nelson
It’s Spring! Perry Pears in bloom. Picture from Mary Nelson

This is the new website for the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (GOT).  It is under construction at present – our existing website at gloucestershireorchardtrust.org.uk is still live and will hold a lot of information until this site is complete. Feel free to explore the structure, but please note that the content is not yet complete and there are editing notes on most pages. And there are not many pictures yet – but there will be many more soon.

We plan to have the new site up and running fairly well in time for our AGM on 29 April 2017. The aim is to split the content of our old site into several sections; this main site (the one you’re viewing now) describing GOT and what it does, with news, information on events and how to get involved.  We hope to build much stronger social media links as part of this part of the site.

Specialist websites

Other parts of our old website, the sections covering Fruit Varieties, Local Orchards and Orchard Advice will be rebuilt as subsites alongside the new main site – these are also being built at present and available via the links below.  Note that these sites will take longer to build, so may not be ready before the end of April:


Primary navigation for each website (the main one and the specialist ones) is via the menu below the logo at the top of the page. This will be a bar across the page on a wide screen or a drop-down on a smaller screen or phone. The menu above the logo has short-cut links to the various specialist sites and back to the main site.

The Side-bar

The side-bar on the right will provide short-cuts and feeds to our blog, facebook, twitter feeds etc – formatting is not yet finalised. The side-bar will be at the end of the page if you’re viewing this on a phone or tablet.

A note on the logo

We are currently reviewing our logo, so the websites you see under construction all use different variants at the moment, just to see how they work.

The OrchardMarketplace website

The future of the Marketplace website, currently managed by GOT at https://orchardmarketplace.org.uk/ in association with the Orchard Network is under review and an announcement will be made soon.


Creation of these websites is being supported by the Three Counties Traditional Orchards Project, which is a Heritage Lottery funded project.