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Plums list

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Blaisdon Red Plum Blaisdon Red Plum 
Originated in the village of Blaisdon. Was used for jam-making until the jam factories made use of freezing.
Existing Unknown Blaisdon
Bristol Plum Bristol Plum 
A rare variety found round Rodley and adjoining riverside areas.
Existing Unknown Rodley
Damson Plum Damson Plum 
This variety looks a bit like a Blaisdon, but with a slender stem. The only known site in Gloucestershire is the New Grounds, Slimbridge, where the tree was planted in the early 1900s.
Existing Unknown Slimbridge
Dymock Red Plum Dymock Red Plum 
From the village of its name and still quite common. Shaped like a miniature peach.
Existing Unknown Dymock
Frampton Magnum Plum 
From Frampton Cotterell and was used to sustain local coal miners.
Existing Unknown Frampton Cotterell
Frampton Plum
(synonym for Frampton Magnum Plum)
Groves Late Victoria Plum 
Like a Victoria but is ready 10 days later.
Existing Unknown Unknown
Jacob Plum Jacob Plum 
Now known from one old tree at Rodley. Was previously used as a rootstock for grafting other varieties on to. It has a distinctive striated bark.
Existing Unknown Rodley
Johnnie Moor Plum 
An old variety from Cheltenham. It is now lost.
Lost Unknown Cheltenham
Michaelmas Damson Michaelmas Damson 
A small damson which looks exactly like a Sweet Damson - but with a bitter flavour.
Existing Unknown Unknown
Old Pruin 
Like an elongated damson. As well as eating it was used for dying cloth.
Existing Unknown Unknown
Rodley Blackjack Rodley Blackjack 
Small plum from Rodley, frequently used as a rootstock for grafting other varieties on to.
Existing Unknown Rodley
Rowell's Pruin 
From the Arlingham peninsula. An underrated variety with a flavour between plum and damson.
Existing Unknown Arlingham
Shit Smock Shit Smock 
Known from Chaxhill and Longhope areas. Small and greenish like a grape. Overindulgence could probably have dire consequences - hence its name.
Existing Unknown Chaxhill
Smith's Pruin 
Like an Old Pruin but a bit bigger, a bit rounder, a bit later and a heavier cropper. Was found in the Chaxhill area and is now lost.
Lost Unknown Unknown
Sweet Damson 
Looks like a Michaelmas damson but is ready much earlier and is pleasant to eat.
Existing Unknown Unknown
Victor Christian Plum 
A large blue-black plum and a light cropper.
Existing Unknown Unknown